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NRV4/20 radar sensor

4/20 mA version radar sensor for water level measurement, delivered with 2 meters of cable minimum. Can be parameterised with the USB ADP, the CABUSBB and the free HMI sensor software. For easy mounting and fixing a wall mounting bracket (NRV-Square) is also available.


Operation of the NRV Radar Sensor



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Manufacture PARATRONIC workshop, France

This compact radar sensor allows level measurement without immersion and without contact with liquids. With a small footprint and low power consumption, the different NRV ranges (03, 08, 12-4/20 mA) can be easily installed on any type of support such as jibs, bridges, etc. They deliver a 4/20 mA signal on 2 wires, powered by 10 to 33 Vdc. The sensors have an IP68 protection and are delivered with 2 meters of cable (CABNRV420). No basic settings are required. Fully user-configurable, with the ADP USBand the CABUSBB and the free HMI sensor software. Also available for easy mounting and fixing a wall-mounted return bracket (NRV-Bracket).


Multiple uses: water monitoring: drinking water, sanitation, river monitoring, rainfall...

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