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SNA level sensor

The high precision SNA submerged level sensor is dedicated to low level measurement (max 10 m factory value). It is perfectly adapted to water level measurements in natural environments (rivers, canals, etc.) or in loaded effluents (pumping stations, storm overflows, etc.).

The probe can be parameterised by the user simply by using the box ADP USBbox, the CAB USBB and the free HMI sensor software, or set up at the factory, according to your needs (see SN SETTINGS). The sensor delivers a 4/20 mA or 20/4 mA signal according to the parameterization, on 2 wires without capillary (CABSNX). The measuring or full scale ranges are from 0.5 m to 10 m, powered from 8 to 35 Vdc. Its body is made of 316L passivated stainless steel.


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Manufacture PARATRONIC workshop, France

The SNA level sensor is a programmable sensor designed to measure a relatively low water level: up to 10m. It ensures a very high level of measurement accuracy, even in the case of temperature variations (measurement in a natural environment, low water level, low-water measurement, etc.). However, during its use, the SNA sensor must not be subjected to sudden variations in pressure or to exceeding its characteristic values.

The ANS is a measuring instrument and should therefore be handled with care and not be subjected to severe mechanical or thermal shock or vibration.


user-configurable with the box ADP USBand the CAB USBB and the free HMI sensor software.

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