Who are we?


A French company specialising in instrumentation in natural environments


PARATRONIC, a French company that develops, manufactures and markets its products and systems. The integration of the product life cycle guarantees PARATRONIC the control of the quality of its products and services.


With its creation in 1984, the activity of PARATRONIC was entirely directed towards the safety of the electronic materials most exposed to the disturbances of atmospheric origins.


Gradually, PARATRONIC has become closer to users working in the water and environmental sectors. Its areas of expertise range from production, distribution or purification of water, of groundwater and surface water studies to the fire monitoring.

Thus, PARATRONIC offers complete solutions dedicated to the acquisition, transmission, processing and management of field data.


Throughout the design, development, manufacturing and distribution process, PARATRONIC is committed to optimising its products in terms of precision and reliability.


Fields of activity


one company, two divisions, five strategic business areas


PARATRONIC has always combined its capacity for innovation and Research & Development with a high level of listening and collaboration with users. PARATRONICis a leading French manufacturer of hardware, software and integrated systems for the management of water, the environment and natural hazards:

Water & environment


The department "Water & Environment" of PARATRONIC brings its know-how since 1984 to the biggest actors of the world of the water and the environment. The control in house of the design, the development and the manufacture of the materials gives to PARATRONIC a particular capacity in term of reactivity and support to the users.


French leader in the field of the chains of measures intended for the management and the automation of the production and/or the purification of water, PARATRONIC "water and environment" is present in six countries: France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Morocco. During the last 5 years, approximately 20 000 sites were equipped with PARATRONIC materials.



Our first strategic area of activity :
Detecting smoke from forest fires

Natural hazards


Created in the Nineties, the department " Natural Risks " of PARATRONIC is specialized in the design and the realization of systems of monitoring and management of crisis, having as a common point the safety of the people and the goods under the most severe environmental conditions:


Flood Announcement

Landslide monitoring

Monitoring of forest massifs in order to detect, locate and follow the development of fire outbreaks.

Management of roadblocks in case of remote control .



Our four other strategic areas of activity


Research and Development


Being at the forefront of technology

Since its inception, and year after year, Paratronic has mobilised around 25% of its turnover in Research and Development. Indeed, since the creation of the company, the founders wanted to base the growth of PARATRONIC on technological innovation, research and development.


This desire to be at the forefront of a variety of techniques has enabled the company to ensure its reputation with a demanding clientele.


Today, PARATRONIC's Research and Development capabilities can be grouped into five areas of expertise:


  • Microwave, EMC and overvoltage,
    • Electronics,
  • Image processing,
  • Embedded computing,
  • Computer science.



ISO 9001 certificate PARATRONIC


An impeccable quality process


PARATRONIC has been ISO 9001 certified for over 20 years.


ISO 9001 certification PARATRONIC


Sustainable development


A major player in the field of
the environment

Recycling of materials in
end of life


PARATRONIC always had in heart to minimize the impact of its products and its activity on the environment. Consequently, it is quite obvious that we assure you of our conformity with the legislation in this field, in particular with the decree of law 2005-829 of July 20, 2005 relating to the composition of the electrical and electronic equipment and the elimination of the waste resulting from this equipment.


In order to recycle an out-of-service material, it is sufficient to return it to the following address:



WEEE Recycling Services
Industrial Zone Rue des Genêts

The materials received by our Recycling and WEEE department are entrusted to an approved sorting centre. The equipment is thus collected with a view to its dismantling in the strictest respect for the environment and legislation.


The dismantling solution we have chosen enables us to recycle almost all the materials treated as raw materials and to recover more than 98% of the mass of products at the end of their life, thus generating only 1.5% of final waste...


In addition, the service provider to whom the equipment returned to us is entrusted has obtained in 2008 the triple certification "Quality Safety Environment" and therefore meets the requirements of the following standards:


Our history


Years of technical expertise

at the service of our customers

Lightning storm surge protector PARATRONIC

The 1980s: Creation of the company, securing equipment against lightning strikes


With its creation in 1984, the activity of PARATRONIC was entirely directed towards the safety of the electronic materials most exposed to the disturbances of atmospheric origin. Historically, PARATRONIC got closer to the users working in the trades of water and environment. Quickly, the original trade of analyses of sites facing the risk of lightning and the manufacture of modules parafoudre was completed by the development and the marketing of sensors of levels resistant to the shocks of lightning.

ground waters

The 1990s: Adding water resource management solutions


Whether it is the sanitation, production and distribution of drinking water, or the monitoring

and the study of ground and surface water, PARATRONIC offers complete and dedicated solutions for the acquisition, processing and management of field data: sensors, automation, LS and radio transmitters, etc....


During the 1990s, a department dedicated to "Natural Hazards" was created and quickly became a reference for the development and manufacture of flood warning systems.

River level monitoring

The 2000s: development of the natural hazards division


The "Natural Risks" department expands its activity and creates the first automatic forest fire detection networks or boulder fall monitoring networks.


At the same time, the "Water and Environment" department continues to develop by being present in more and more countries.


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Manufacturing of electronic cards in our workshop in the Ain