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SABI36 hydrological station on a bridge
A hydro station in Sainte-Sévère for SABI36

Installation of a hydrological station at the intersection of several tributaries of the Indre for SABI36 in Sainte-Sévère-sur-Indre: LNS, level sensor, camera for doubt removal, web supervisor.

ADELIE in the press: France 3 at SDIS 72

France 3 report: Implementation of the ADELIE system for monitoring forest fires in the Sarthe (72).

Water level measurement at the Bellejouanne plant

Installation of a water level measurement system in the Bellejouanne drinking water treatment plant.

ADELIE forest fire video surveillance system in Charente Maritime (SDIS17)
ADELIE SDIS 17 Charente-Maritime

Implementation of a forest fire monitoring system in the Charente Maritime (17), replacing a system of volunteer spotters.

ADELIE SDIS 34 Hérault

Installation of a fire alert, detection and location system using cameras on the Pic de Vissou (Hérault Department 34).

ADELIE SDIS 40 Les Landes

Since 2007, the Landes forest has been under the automatic video surveillance of the ADELIE system in order to detect fires and forest fires as early as possible.

SUEZ Water France - Bischwiller

Continuous monitoring of sewage networks via radar level sensors.

EPAGE Sud-Ouest Mont Ventoux

4 hydrometric measuring stations to continuously determine the flows in the catchment area.

National Flood Watch

Service des Risques Naturels et Hydrauliques of the Direction Générale de la Prévention des Risques: more than 3000 sites equipped with PARATRONIC equipment.