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Water level measurement at the Bellejouanne plant

Bellejouanne Water Treatment Plant

The urban community of Grand Poitiers has entrusted PARATRONIC with the measurement and regulation of sand filter levels at the Bellejouanne plant.


The Bellejouanne drinking water production plant is a drinking water production plant that treats water from the draining gallery and the Fleury borehole (commune of Lavausseau). It collects rainwater infiltrated into the ground by gravity, via an aqueduct put into service in 1889.

The Bellejouanne plant supplies water to half the city's population.

Source: Official website of the Grand Poitiers


Following a trial, all nine filters are now equipped with the NRV radar. The water level can therefore be measured without immersion, with sensors that take up little space and consume little energy.

The product used


water level sensor


NRV sensor


This compact radar sensor allows level measurement without immersion and without contact with liquids. With its small size and low power consumption, the NRV can be easily installed on any type of support such as jibs, bridges, etc. It delivers a 4/20 mA signal over 2 wires, powered from 10 to 33 Vdc.


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