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ADELIE fire monitoring system

Video system for detecting fires in natural areas

The ADELIE system is intended for the detection, confirmation, location, warning and monitoring of fires in natural areas.
Composed of detection cameras and / or cameras of doubt removal, arranged on different high points to cover the area to be monitored, the ADELIE system allows :
- Automatically monitor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week the natural areas covered by the cameras.
- Analyze each area covered every 3 minutes.
- To raise an alarm on suspicion of a fire breaking out.
- Locate the fire starts on a digital map.
- To allow remote viewing of the monitored area
- To centralize all information and share it with the command center, operational teams and management,

to the partners...
- To adapt the commitment of resources according to the observations

- To have the information according to the archived images
- Assist in investigations
- To be scalable and to interface with different systems

of geographical information and alert processing in place (NF399)
- To interface with human surveillance (watchtower).


System requiring an in-depth study of the destination and the existing or to be set up infrastructures. Please contact us.



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The ADELIE system (Alert, Detection and Localization of Fires) is a forest fire monitoring system that detects the presence of smoke in the natural environment thanks to a unique principle of image capture and processing. This automatic forest fire detection system allows, from one or more high points and up to the horizon, day and night and on 360 degrees, the monitoring, detection and localization of fire starts.

Each site is equipped with a camera system associated with a processing unit housing image processing algorithms based on artificial intelligence. The information, images and detections made are transmitted instantly to the fire control centre or to the fire control centre, where the operators benefit from a real-time visualisation of the event, automatic localisation of the start of the fire and "augmented reality" functionalities allowing them to immediately understand the context, the extent, the evolution and the stakes of the event. The cameras installed on the watchtower allow a complete follow-up of the fire, from detection to extinction. The ADELIE forest fire monitoring system can also integrate meteorological data if the site where it is installed is equipped with a weather station.

Finally, the ADELIE system also allows for feedback: the system can store the images captured as well as the videos of the camera used to detect the incident. ADELIE can also produce statistics on which the intervention forces can base themselves afterwards.


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