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sigma II software

The SIGMA II software :


is a multi protocol supervision software, simple and configurable by the users. SIGMA II manages both push mode (IP collection by file deposit) and pull mode (data collection by call from SIGMA II to the PLQ200 protocol), SIGMA II is the essential tool for hydrology and flood management. SIGMA II integrates a cartographic interface, automatically calculates flows and rainfall totals, and produces the graphs and tables necessary for data processing and crisis management. SIGMA II allows the exchange of data with partner services: automatic import of data from your partners' measurement networks, automatic export of data to other computer systems, management of RSS alerts sent by Vigicrues, etc. Equipped with an alarm management module (sms, email, etc.) and a calendar for managing on-call duty, SIGMA II alerts you in the event of an event and is accessible via a simple web browser.



System requiring an in-depth study of the destination and the existing or to be set up infrastructures. Please contact us.



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The main features of SIGMA II are :


- The automatic recovery of data from the power plants.

- The recovery of alerts issued by the power stations.

- The cartographic presentation of rivers and stations with colour changes by stations, sections, basins according to alarms and access to different parameters and data directly from the map.

- Adding new stations by simply entering GPS coordinates.

- Station maintenance management.

- The display of graphs, curves (with or without resampling), with model creation.

- The display of data tables. - The management of thresholds and alarms with call.

- Flow calculation according to the calibration curves. - Correction of erroneous data.

- Exporting data to different organizations. - Automatic data backup.

- The management of an on-call schedule.

- Alarm management. - Integration of data from "other stations" by importing files.

- Memorization of historical floods.

- Technical error management (network, communication, Pc monitoring, voltage, battery, etc.)

- History of all events in an event log.

- Threshold exceedance statistics.

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