Automatic detection of fires and forest fires



ADELIE is the result of close collaboration between PARATRONIC and the fire brigades.
Its simple and effective principle meets the requirements of professionals experienced in fighting forest fires.

Long before a tree burns, smoke is emitted from the surrounding grass and brush. As soon as it is visible from the monitoring site, this smoke, detected by ADELIE, gives the alarm. This phase is called automatic fire and forest fire detection.
The operator, who is then alerted, remotely controls the camera and checks the nature of the detection. He locates the location of the fire on a map, via triangulation, and informs the operational centre, which implements the fire-fighting resources. Each sector is monitored every 2 to 4 minutes depending on the installations.

ADELIE then presents the evolution of the disaster in real time. The officers of the operational centre are no longer "blind". ADELIE has proven its effectiveness in various SDIS:

ADELIE is therefore more than an automatic fire and forest fire detection system, but an integrated fire and forest fire monitoring and information management system.

Detecting smoke from forest fires

adelie light monitoring system

Simplified detection features :

  • Specific, multi-lens detection cameras for the analysis of specific wavelengths
  • Each sector is monitored every 2 to 4 minutes
  • Detection algorithms incorporated in detection cameras
  • 24/7 operation
  • Creation of exclusion zones and masking zones
  • Nominal range: 20 km in clear weather
  • Verified range in clear weather: 70 km
  • Exclusive anti-insect and pollen system
  • 360° view from operator station
  • Remote control by the operator of the video camera "doubt survey" without interrupting the automatic detection of fires and forest fires.

Location characteristics :

- Accuracy of the orientation of automatic fire and forest fire detection cameras at the 1Oth grade.

- Automatic image registration system for final pixel accuracy, compensating for high point oscillations.
- Wind resistance = 150 Km/h (real in-situ conditions).
- Localisation by telemetry and triangulation.
- Automatic triangulation on cartographic background.
- Management of multiple and simultaneous fires.
- Accuracy of location by telemetry: according to the topology of the terrain.
- Export of coordinates to GIS and GOS (NF399 civil security software certification).


Operator positions :

Ergonomically designed to monitor 6 zones simultaneously per operator.


smooth functioning

Alert management :

Automatic detection of fires and forest fires by means of a ringing signal at the operator's station.
Automatic detection of fires and forest fires signalled by an acoustic signal.
Fire and forest fire alerts and technical alerts on synoptic.
Video on large screen.


Means of transmission:

Means of transporting the images :

  • digital radio,
  • fibre optics,
  • ADSL as backup.

Characteristics of the equipment :

Operating temperature: 0 to 60°C
Storage temperature: -25 to 85°C.
Automatic fire and forest fire detection cameras: colour photos.
Colour video camera from 5 to 25 frames/second depending on the means of transport of the images.
Optical video zoom x30 for doubt removal and fire monitoring.
Possible redundancies: cameras, communication means, power supplies and backup.
Very low maintenance costs.


Maintenance and warranty:

Assistance, remote maintenance.
1 year warranty including lightning risk.
Warranty extension by contract.

adelie v2 forest fires