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SABI36 hydrological station on a bridge
A hydro station in Sainte-Sévère for SABI36

Installation of a hydrological station at the intersection of several tributaries of the Indre for SABI36 in Sainte-Sévère-sur-Indre: LNS, level sensor, camera for doubt removal, web supervisor.

ADELIE in the press: France 3 at SDIS 72

France 3 report: Implementation of the ADELIE system for monitoring forest fires in the Sarthe (72).

Water level measurement at the Bellejouanne plant

Installation of a water level measurement system in the Bellejouanne drinking water treatment plant.

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Water cycle
Monitoring of water in the natural environment

LNS update V2.18.19 of September 08, 2023

LNS Update

Monitoring of water in the natural environment

AQUA-CJ: Modular, multi-protocol acquisition station

Launch of the new AQUA-CJ station.
At PARATRONIC, we're proud to present our latest innovation, the AQUA-CJ station with its LARGE color touchscreen.
This is a modular, low-power, multi-protocol acquisition station. It offers a combination of performance, ease of use and durability.

Water cycle
Monitoring of water in the natural environment

"How does data make water management easier?"

water instrumentation in natural environments
Digitizing water monitoring to better preserve it or measure its flow or level and prevent risks.
In this article from Le Monde
Patrice Rilly, President of PARATRONIC, explains how BpiFrance is involved in this evolution of data-driven water management.

Monitoring of water in the natural environment

FAQ : The GEMAPI Competence

If you have any interest in the field of water, you have probably already read or heard the acronym GEMAPI.

This is a very specific competence that the French state has entrusted to the inter-municipalities (metropolises, urban communities, communities of agglomerations, communities of communes) since January 1, 2018.



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